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Heartland Rvs are the biggest pieces of junk on the market.Make sure you check when buying an RV because the name Heartland is not always easily seen on camper.

We bought a Northtrail in 2009 which is made by Heartland and it is the biggest POS ever. We started out with used fold downs that were better made than this ***. We had a used 1966 starcraft fold down that we bought from neighbor in 1985, that we used for 5 years when kids were little, and had no problems with leaks or or soft floors. When we "upgraded to a 1974 ventura fold down a few years later we gave our starcraft to my sister.

My parents had a 1978 Bonzana 17ft self contained camper that never had an issue of leaking and my parents never checked roof or checked to be sure caulking was in place every 3 months like some have reported that they were told that they must do to ensure warranty. That is pure BS. Our delightful hunk of junk 2009 north trail had issues from the get go. The first issue was with air conditioning and wiring.

I even mentioned to the dealer that we bought camper from the third time we had it up there with wiring issues about the lemon law and if product has problem 3 times is lemon and should be replaced and guess what dealer stated, that they had no written record that we were up there for the third time. Where we bought our camper they didn't give you a receipt for any work that was done under warranty. I stated that I had a record of dates and times and who I talked to when called to complain about continual wiring issue with air conditioning. Well after that conversation they got it fixed and had no more issues with that particular problem, as they found area behind fridge were wires were charred and this was cousin continual shorting out.

Frankly I,m surprised it didn't catch fire. That first summer we had it in for repairs most of summer and only used it twice. The next spring out to check on it and found that vent cover had hole in it and water had leaked in. Not sure when that had happened but sometime after it had been winterized.

So that was replaced on our dime as we had bought camper the previous spring in March and this was now April of next year so guess what, we were gleefully told "Its out of warranty". Then took it out of state on vacation and during a rain storm had water pouring in from cupboard above counter and had to take apart and found there was no cover protection on back of speaker, you could look outside from inside of camper through the speaker mesh so that had to be fixed. Then the cd door on the radio/cd player would not close so that was not useable and had to be replaced. Then noticed that we could not get reception at all with the tv antennae.

If we were somewhere that did not have cable hook up, we could not view tv. So we had to buy a regular tv antennae that we would hook up when camping and take down when we left. And the hits just keep on coming. The ceiling bracket that door to bathroom fits in pulled out of ceiling and on inspection was surprised it lasted as long as it did as there was nothing for it to screw into, so used silicone and glued the thing up there.

Then had leak under kitchen sink and found that the drain pipe was barely hooked up. This was easy to fix just had to tighten it. Notice on another post that someone else had mentioned about the black and gray drain pulls being mismarked and ours were also. Thought I was losing my mind until I figured that one out.

We also had continual issues with the sewer drain not draining out completely,requiring much flushing out, to be sure all sewage was cleaned out, and no matter how much I treated the tanks we could still smell sewer smell at times. Then noticed a moldy smell, but could never find any wet areas and did not have issue with soft floor, however we noted that the linoleum on floor near back of camper by fold out couch and dining area was curiously darkening. I pressed on area of darkening and it was solid, but on hunch pulled back linoleum and found black mold under the linoleum on top of floor. Area was cleaned with mold killer and them fan applied and area left to dry and then painted area with mold inhibiting paint and replaced linoleum.

Could not find anywhere, where this was leaking in to cause this, ran hose on top of roof and along sides and could not find anything. The next spring, which would have been the start of our 3rd season of camping, opened up camper and could smell mold and found it to be more prominent in bedroom area. Opened up one of the closets and noted that the back paneled wall looked like the surface was melting or running down. I touched area and it felt damp, I got towel to wipe and surface of paneling came off and area underneath was black.

Had to remove upper cupboards and closets and removed paneling which revealed, black moldy wet insulation. Removed that and found that inside of the outside wall was covered in mold. So cleaned area with bleach let dry and sprayed with mold inhibitor. Found that leak had came from upper rear taillight that had NOT been sealed or caulked at all.

This came from factory without sealant so had been leaking all that time from before we purchased it. After area was dry used solid foam insulation in-between metal braces and replaced paneled wall with paneling purchased at menards. Used a wood paneling so that it would be easier to curve and screw into place. Luckily menards had a plywood paneling with a surface cover that matched with rest of paneling coverings in camper.

Shortly after we had repaired the bedroom wall we were camping and once again the kitchen sink drain came loose and when sink was emptied after doing dishes water ended up in cabinet beneath sink and all over the floor. Then began to notice that trim was coming loose on different areas in camper and had to repair those. The top edge of the dinette seating kept coming loose and could not get screws to stay in. There were so many multiple things that kept showing up that we were scared every time we took it out.

But then **** occurred whether we went camping or not. Just going out to check on it would reveal another issue. Heartland knows what *** products they have and will do nothing to fix it unless forced to do so by regulation. Most people cannot afford to waste their hard earned money given in good faith that they are getting a reliable product only to find that they have been duped and duped good.

Only the manufacturer and dealers come out ahead on this scam and that is exactly what it is at this point this many years down the road. We bought our hunk of junk in 2010 and can see by this post that people are still having the same issues and nothing is improving. People are being charged a lamborghani price for a broke down jalopy. The best that could happen is if word gets out about the shoddy product that Heartland produces and how nothing is taken care of by Heartland to correct these issues.

Maybe, if enough people avoid any and all Heartland products they will get it, when sales plummet.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of 2009 heartland rvs north trail rv. Heartland Rvs needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Why didn't you spend the money to buy a quality camper from the start?Oh that's right you told the salesman you wanted to be $99 per month and no money down.

You got what you paid foe. Why do you think the other units were "over priced"?

They were going to last.That's why

to Anonymous Coffeyville, Kansas, United States #1243213

Quit being a ***.Obviously from so many bad reviews, the company should be at fault as a *** company.

Your gonna set there and attack the victim because he chose in good faith not to spend way more money. $50,000 plus IS a lot of money for a product.

You would think it would last.Guess we are not all as rich as your pompous ***.

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