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Now our windows are leaking!! WOOHOO more problems!!! I have never detested a company as i have heartland....and by leaking i mean have messed up our molding and is causing fungus to grow in the carpet!!!

Original review posted by user Sep 27, 2015

Heartland is JUNK!Stay away!!!

Customer service is not great by any means not sure who told you that but it's not true. We have a 3650BHS after one year EVERYTHING is falling apart. Couldn't figure out why our heater wouldn't work in the 2 bedroom. Had to fight to get some one out because heartland gave us the run around after we agreed to pay the service call since we needed heat for our 3 small children.

Service guy gets here (by the way his second visit) and finally decides he's going to look under the camper and see if he sees anything there that would be causing it. Yep he found the problem. When they threw this thing together (cause that's exactly what they do) instead of cutting the duct work properly they had 20 FOOT yes 20 FOOT of extra duct wrapped around our black tanks, which I was told by the service guy we were lucky it didn't catch on fire since we have the heated tanks. Then he checked in the kitchen area and that one had 8 extra foot just shoved anywhere they could fit it!

So 28 EXTRA foot of duct work in our camper! The service guy actually took a picture to show his boss because he had never seen anything like this before. I called heartland and they admitted that it was there fault but all too rudely told me it was now my problem! I was responsible for everything!

This is not the first camper we have owned and this is the one that cost us the much and it is made more cheaply than our little 14000 avenger From forest river! The roof has now ripped and it's so convinent that the warranty has just run out! I wouldn't recommend a heartland to anyone at all you pay 50,000 for a fifth wheel you expect it to last more than a year. I will never again purchase a heartland.

We aren't the only one who has had a bad experience. One of our friends who bought a heartland same time as we did has been in the shop 6 times and last time he went to move it the battery to put the slide ins in blew up in his storage compartment. Also his roof is bubbled and tearing just like ours. I recommend staying far far away from heartland.

I was also told by a heartland employee that we needed to get on top the camper every 90 days peel off the old caulking and re caulk the entire roof!! Is your product really made that cheaply that you have to do that???? Every other camper we owned we had to inspect only not *** caulk and replace it! Now it's back in the shop round 2!

Our entire roof even after doing exactly what we were told has ripped off from the front cap to the first air conditioner! Here's to another $1000 deductible and hotel stay!

Every time we try to have a family outing we end up screwed and staying in a hotel with this price of junk in the shop and more money coming out of our pockets!!!!So STAY AWAY FROM HEARTLAND JUNK AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS COMPLETE ***!!!!!

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Tonopah, Arizona, United States #1269673

I feel so sorry for you.Ours is a 2012 Rushmore landmark and we have had nothing but problems also.

Since the warranty is over the customer service has made no attempt to help.

The quality is terrible.If we can save one person from buying one it is worth the trouble we go thru writing the reviews


This picture is now what our 15 month old camper looks like!!!!You can't tell me that I got what I paid way over $50,000 for!

This is complete bull!! The only camper company that I know of that only gives a 1 year warranty.

I guess that should have said something there!!They don't even think it's worth anything!!

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