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I bought a pioneer rg28 toy hauler from camping world in Charleston sc. in June of 2016.

The floor is already rotten. I bought the extended warranty and now they claim they can’t find the leak. Water was up to the plywood. So now I’m told warranty want fix it.

And nation wide want fix it. I’ve only used this camper 3 times since I bought it new. I didn’t know that camping world owned the extended warranty or nation wide. So they have every angled covered when you file a claim.

But I’m not standing for their service and mentality. I paid 21,000 for this camper plus extended warranty and now have a camper that can’t be used.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rv Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I too own an RG28 (bought in Jan of 2016) That has rotted flooring in the front at the storage compartment and the rear by the Ramp door on the right side (slide-out side). It has leaked for 2 of the 2 & 1/2 years I've owned it.

There is Fungus growing in the carpet by the slide out, etc. I have been on the roof several times in the past 2 years sealing numerous gaps that either shouldn't be there or just weren't sealed with any kind of quality sealant in the first place. In addition, I have sealed plenty of other spots around the windows, and siding that shouldn't have gaps at all. Trim over the slide out was a funnel for water to go right down the walls by the slideout ...

sealed that too. Seems to leak less with the slideout extended. Every time I think I have the leaking solved, I find another. They just never seem to end.

The only way to stop the leaking appears to be park it in a garage, a sufficiently tall carport or other similar structure. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying it to enjoy the outdoors. Workmanship on the assembly of mine was poor at best and apparently done by drunks or people completely stoned. Cheap staples, tape, flimsy hardware and badly fitting joints, are just a few of the low points.

Screws only driven halfway in, stripped out or missing completely. Just wondering what is going to fall out, break, come loose, rust or rot through next? I contacted Heartland via their website and got responses from them asking the VIN, etc. and today after being told it was 2 years out of warranty (although, the warranty ended October 2017 according to them, a year ago.

New Math maybe ?) ... was asked what my issue was and that; they might be able to help or give advice on. I just don't envision this turning out positive. Realistically, there is no insurance that will cover this, it is a manufacturing defect.

Heartland won't cover it because it is out of warranty (2016's only had 1yr of coverage). Oddly enough, their website claims 2 warranties of 1 and 3 years that cover floor rot for trailers built after Oct. 2017. Looks as if they changed something in the flooring after all the earlier models had excessive rotting problems.

Just the luck. I bought mine at Camping World and don't remember being offered an extended warranty but, supposedly Good Sam has the insurance on it. I may have to dig into their customer service a bit deeper. From what I'm reading though, Nobody is having any luck with Good Sam on the floor rot issue either.

Looks as if they just didn't have the will to live nor, give a damn about the finished product when they were assembling it. Obviously, No Quality Control existed. And again, from what I've been reading on the newer models, it still doesn't exist. I should have been a bit more scrutinizing when I went to pick it up from the dealer 2+ years ago.

However, at that time, I was elated that I had found the exact trailer I had been wanting and was even willing to build on my own. I have the abilities to do it but, why do it if I can find what I wanted already made?

After this one .... I'll build my own next time or at the very least look very hard at any other brand not manufactured in any form by Heartland.

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