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Good afternoon Ron.We spoke several months ago regarding the issues with my 2017 Heartland Landmark Madison (front living room).

As of this writing, I am considering contacting my lawyers to review the issues with the unit and the inability to get those problems resolved. I owned previously a KZ Escalade, DRV Mobil Suites and after months of research I chose Heartland for my last unit. Make no mistake, I am extremely upset at the issues with the unit and the inability to correct them. Let me start at the beginning: October 2017 after we purchased the unit from McGeorge RV in Ashland VA we took it on our annual 3 4 week vacation.

By the time we left Ashland VA and arrived in St. Augustine FL, the washer and dryer had completely become unhinged and were banging around in the back cabinet. The Fantastic Fan never worked, the cable TV was so fuzzy it was almost un-viewable. We wedged pillows and cushions all around the washer and dryer to keep it from falling forward through the door.

We took the unit back to McGeorge after our trip to FL and was initially told that the washer/dryer problem was not the fault of McGeorge. That pretty much set the tone for the next few months of issues. While on vacation I put my hand on the fender skirt to pick something up and it broke.incredibly the mere pushing of the fender skirt snapped it. Upon examination I noticed that it is so flimsy, I fear for the rest of them eventually breaking.

The service department eventually said that they would fix the washer and dryer. By this time they had removed the units and I took the camper home. I ordered the new fender and paid for it myself since they would not cover the cost of a fender skirt that was less than 2 weeks old. So I purchased it.

Now I received the fender in raw plastic, no paint..Seriously! I tried for 2 months to get the paint (I finally got the paint codes) and come to find out that I cannot get the paint from the dealer. On the topic of paint, the dryer vent is chrome. The washer / dryer with my Mobil Suites was painted to match the full body paint color where it protruded from the front.

Class act In addition the frame around the bedroom TV cracked into 2 pieces, I assume from the vibration. So in the spring I brought the unit back to McGeorge (remind you that its 5 hours without traffic from my house to Ashland 1 way). They reinstalled the washer / dryer with stronger mounts that lasted one trip before it loosed up again and was in jeopardy of falling through the cabinet door again. So now my third trip to drop off the unit they installed a series of wood supports that seems to have done the trick of securing the washer and dryer.

The fan was working and the TV was OK. So out we go again. The washer now leaks all under the unit insulation and was pouring out the back of the unit and the dishwasher is leaking. The Fantastic Fan wasnt working again, the TV picture was worse than ever now the clothes rack in the closet fell down and ripped out the support and rings and all our Tee shirts were on the floor of the closet with the bar.

(I fixed that by securing a wood block above the closet to better secure the center support, had to buy full circle hangers that dont fall off from the incessant bouncing in the rear). In addition the Level Up system does not function properly now. So back to McGeorge it goes again, 12 hours round trip. This time I dealt with a Jeanine, very pleasant and would return my calls and emails quickly.

I have printed out 13 unanswered emails for a status update and countless calls that went unreturned from the McGeorge service department prior to dealing with her. Perhaps the least responsive service department I have ever dealt with and hands down the most incompetent from a technical and repair standpoint. I have owned everything from Pop Ups to this Heartland unit (11 in all over 32 years) from various manufacturers and dealers. I held DRV as the Gold Standard and was excited to see the reviews of Heartland and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

This is one owner who solely regrets not getting another DRV. So here is the situation. The Level Up is not functioning properly again. The Fantastic Fan is not operational.

The TV is worse than ever, the clothes washer is leaking out the front door again. The dishwasher is leaking out the front door again, I have a replacement fender that I should not have paid for but did anyway that I cannot get painted and now upon arrival last night to the campground I found the front closet door, right side roller was off and the door twisted and was about the fall into the bedroom. The left roller had cracked the wood and was about to fall off as well. I was able to reattach the roller on the right just so we could get into the closet.

I have an appointment 7/24/17 at Camping World in NJ for yet again the same repairs. In the interim I will be looking into some sort of Lemon Law with my council. There is not a whole lot McGeorge can do to salve my opinion of their service department and little to change my opinion of this Heartland unit. There is an inherent problem with the front living room units.

I sure wish someone in authority will respond to this email. I have coped the owner of McGeorge on many emails and still not one consolatory Sorry for the inconvenience or go to *** Nothing. It was just a formality to copy him on this email, I do not expect a response from Nat Ambrose at all.

Can someone from Heartland respond to these issues and come up with a game plan to repair them once and for all or take the unit back and Ill get a DRV as originally planned.Sincerely Bill Yohe

Review about: 2017 Heartland Rvs Landmark Madison Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Fix my Camper.

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You also have a landmark Madison have the same problems I think everyone that has a Madison landmark in the same problems should all get together and complain and get a full refund because they no longer make the Madison because of those reasons


I believe they let Nat go.He was agurguing to much about how CW didn't care about the customer.

He was the heart and some of that place and the only one who got.my issues taken care of.

Nat if you reading this thanks for the help...live the new camper


I have had same exact situation with my 2015 Landmark San Antonio purchased from Camping World Lubbock,Texas.And like you, I live 200 miles from dealer.

Same problems over and over and something new pops up each trip out.

Sick of it!Love the trailer if it would work right.

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