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Heartland Rvs - Heartland Prowler 25prls disappointment
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Just purchased a 25 ft Prowler Prls 2017 on Thursday Sept. 22. (We regretfully traded our second hand 2007, 23 ft Jayco Jayflight). Before our purchase we looked at several makes and models. My husband and I decided on this particular model because of the floor plan. We wish we had searched more carefully for these reviews. We looked at and asked about the water pump, water heater, tank sizes, furnace, ac, etc. We liked the colour choices of the... Read more

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Awesome customer service direct from Landmark. The individual dealerships suck. If you didn't buy you trailer at where your going for service they ignore you! My personal experience with Landmark customer service has been exceptional! Any issues that I have have were handled way and above any of my expectations. Just talk to them explain your situation in a reasonable manner and they will bend over backwards to help you. We have lived full time... Read more

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I've purchased from new, a 2011 Heartland Edge M18. Shortly after 1 year and gradually worsening until now, its gradually 'sunk' in around one of the floor beams in the bathroom (in front of the toilet). I took it to Arbutus Service Dept by Nanaimo a couple of times over the last few years and they said they highly doubt its water, and suggested the flooring came apart in some fashion, right around the beam. I had purchased the $1800, 7 year... Read more

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I'm looking to purchase a 2016 2017 BC 4010 RD. Looking for reviews and personal use. Hope to get what you all think?

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After a couple of days of hot weather, 90 plus, we get back pressure when you flush, hence smell coming into the camper. love the camper otherwise haven't had any problems otherwise. there must be a check valve or something to release the pressure that isn't working. I read an article that said it could be the hose connected to the toilet overflow not having any water in it. Apparently it acts like a P trap. Any suggestions or remedies. The... Read more

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2015 Silverado 34se, horrible quality, had many multiple issues from the airconditioning unit failure to black water tank leaking in the basement, molding, wiring, light weight tires, one blew out causing $2500 damage, back of trailer on both corners separated 14" up from the bottom, corner moldings warped, slide out didn't have a top seal. Rear stabilizer jacks failed...very poor quality control.

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I have a 2013 gateway and the recliners are covered in the cheapest vinyl I have ever seen. I weigh 185 lbs and we are full time but the finish on the recliners is disintegrating! Not on just one spot but everywhere my body contacts it! Don't get me wrong we love our gateway and heartland seems to go over backwards to add quality, but they sure missed the mark with their recliner supplier!

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Where to start. We loved the layout

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Biggest peice of *** i have ever bought . I have a 1994 chateu by thor at the hunting lease and it still together hasnt fell apart yet. Does everybody know what silt fence is well thats what they put on my bed rm slide to protect the wood underneath that doesnt make any sense to me at all silt fence lets water flow and keeps dirt from flowing thru would like to kick the guy that thought of that in the nuts. Read more

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I bought my landmark 365 from la-mesa rv in Sanford in October of 2015 had a bedroom ac problem which was fixed by a mobile tech. He saw a hole in the roof and patched it he said the roof was delamanting sent pictures in to heartland they said I backed in to a tree and caused the hole they said I should turn it in to my insurance company Jamie justice was the guy from heartland that I talked to when I asked him to send a factory rep and look at... Read more

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