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Piece of JUNK. Purchased in 2012 used. Looked very nice and what we wanted. Bought the extended warranty thank goodness. The first trip out we blew 3 tires. The frig went out, the air condition had a leak needed replacing, radio would not work correctly. Had a leak where the water heater vent was and leaked inside. Under the shower the piping came loose and thank goodness it leaked outside. It leaked on a seal on top and leaked in the closet and... Read more

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Let me start by saying the concept of the side patio us brilliant. Who wouldn't want to enjoy sitting out there on a warm summer evening? However, the concept is one thing...the build quality is a total different story. The number of issues my wife and I have had with this unit is endless. From the day we took delivery, we had a leak from the bath tub drain pipe. The leak was dripping underneath right near the main electric plug. I was... Read more

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Heartland Rvs - 2015 Bighorn 3750 fl 5th wheel
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delamination on left side panel of slide out and structural issues on rear left and right side screws broke off so the sliders frame is coming apart from the frame took it to the dealer they contact Hartland manufacturing they denied the claim said it was due to water leaks and the warranty had expired in June 2016 I said it was a factory defect the customer rep said I have to prove it was a factory defect had other problems the kitchen chairs... Read more

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Had this camper one month. Week one started off problem after problem. I'm pretty sure there is not an audit or inspection process for this company. I've emailed the ceo multiple times. No one calls back, no one cares. My husband is having to do a complete remodel to a BRAND NEW CAMPER! Quality isn't their specialty. Extremely disappointed. I could list well over 30 problems and photos.

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We looked at and bought a NEW 2013 Heartland North Trail on July 4, 2014. Everything looked great. We asked to have toppers put on the slide out units. The next week when we went to pick it up, the dealer said " we have a small problem". A bubble had developed on the back side panel, near the top, between the 2 slide units. The dealer, Camping World, had attempted a repair, and made it worse. They wanted to cut out a small area and patch it. We... Read more

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Bought a new 2014 Heartland Gateway 5th Wheel three years ago specifically for the floor plan and the non-stationary island. Only after the purchase did we realize how poor the quality of this RV really is. Numerous problems with woodwork trim coming unglued and pulling away from the walls, holes in the floor where you can see the ground when the slides are In and Out, cargo door warped and had to be replaced, etc, etc, etc. In addition, the... Read more

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I feel like l've wasted my money . This is the worst experience of my life. What a piece of *** ! The dealership doesn't care if it gets repaired or not. They only want to sell you another one. Leaks everywhere ! Terrible quality! I wouldn't recommend this brand to anyone. Heartland should have to give me a refund ! Nothing works properly ! It should be illegal for any manufacturer to sell such a disastrous rv to anyone without the option to... Read more

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Bought a new 2014 big horn in March 2014. Have had minor problems that I have had to get fixed. But in June of this year I notice while I was waxing the front cap that my Gel Coat, clear coat was coming off. I contacted the place I purchased the unit from and they called Heartland about the problem. The finish is suppose to be covered for 3 years, which this is not right for the amount of extra you pay for the gel coat option! Which was great... Read more

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This is the most flimsy trailer I have ever seen. It is a center bath with walk through so there are 2 doors to the bath. Both of them have broken while towing. Apparently the camper flexes side to side enough to put stress on the doors and bath walls. Both doors the hinge screws have pulled out from the frame. On the rear door the latch broke. Their fix was to put longer screws in. Since the existing screws were 2 inches long and the... Read more

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Heartland Rvs - Heartland Prowler 25prls disappointment
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Just purchased a 25 ft Prowler Prls 2017 on Thursday Sept. 22. (We regretfully traded our second hand 2007, 23 ft Jayco Jayflight). Before our purchase we looked at several makes and models. My husband and I decided on this particular model because of the floor plan. We wish we had searched more carefully for these reviews. We looked at and asked about the water pump, water heater, tank sizes, furnace, ac, etc. We liked the colour choices of the... Read more

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